Friday, November 7, 2008

Alpaca Teddy Bears, the special gift that everybody will love

The alpaca is a typical camelid from the Peruvian Highlands, today there are about 3.5 million alpacas in the Andean highlands, most of which can be found in Peru. There are two types of it:
The Suri alpaca, whose fiber is limp, silky, shiny and lustrous;
The Huacaya alpaca, which is estimated to make up between 85% of the Alpaca population, and has relatively short fiber which is dense, curly and voluminous. The hair covers almost all the body, only the face and lower parts of the legs having a covering of short fibers.
The main features of alpaca meat, which is extremely appreciated in Peru, are its high protein content (21%), its low fat content (4%), its low calorie content (101 kcal) and its low cholesterol level, which makes alpaca meat a healthy and light product in comparison to other kind of meats which have a higher cholesterol level (chicken, turkey, pig, beef, lamp).
Alpacas are popular internationally for their luxury fiber and as pet, show, and investment animals in Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, Poland, France, and Israel, as well as the United States.
The alpaca, in its two breeds, the Suri and the Huacaya, is the source of a beautiful fiber, of exceptional brilliance and extraordinary texture, whose fineness varies from 19 microns (Royal Alpaca), 22.5 microns (Baby Alpaca), 25.5 microns (Super Fine Alpaca), to 32 microns (Coarse Alpaca). This unique fiber also offers the largest range of natural colors in the world, which vary from black to white, and extend through an ample range of grays and browns.
The appellation 'Baby', for example, is applied to products (tops, yarns, cloth, etc.) where the average fiber diameter is 22,5 microns. The fiber used to obtain this quality does not necessarily come from baby animals; it could easily come from an adult animal with a very fine coat. Each quality is employed to create different products such as cloth, scarves, sweaters, blankets, carpets and so on. The alpaca may also be blended with other fibers, generally of natural origin.
We are peruvian alpaca fur product exporters with a lot of exporting experience to the United States, England, Spain and Germany, among others. It all started with my father about 70 years ago. He was passionate about Peruvian products. I continued his tradition and my kids will follow in my footsteps. We hope that you too will appreciation the interpretation of our artists in their attempt to record the riches of our culture in the products they produce. We work with a expert group of artisans to offer the best alpaca products like our bestseller “alpaca fur slippers” made with peruvian alpaca which have the greatest quality required by the international market…as we are manufacturers and exporters our prices are quite low compared to the competition’s.
Our alpaca bears or alpaca teddy bears offer a high quality in their finishing details and are made of the best material for its daily use. Our alpaca bears are beautiful, very soft and they come in natural colours. We are proud to offer them through our web page, and we are sure you would be anxious about acquiring our alpaca products.

Our alpaca products are scentless and really smooth at touch. Our technology and tanning process make the leather more resistant to tearing and chapping, making its life longer.
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CANICA said...

The alpaca indeed is very important to te economy of towns in the Peruvian Sierra Land, nowadays is hard to find products with 100% alpaca, I congratule you with your excelent work informing all about alpaca as animal and fiber